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By Manuel Backus, CEO
WealthPire, Inc.

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Let me first briefly explain what's at stake here.

In a very real sense, your financial future is on the line. History does repeat itself. When you look at our country's economic history the following facts jump out...

The cost of living continues to
skyrocket almost out of control.

The problem: Prices on the basic necessities of life keep shooting up. Because the Fed is on a money-printing binge the likes of which we've never seen before.

The first fiscal year for the U.S. Government started January 1, 1789. Congress changed the beginning of the fiscal year twice since. In 1977 it was changed for the last time to October 1.

Look at the rise in the national debt over the past 220 years...

  • January of 1791 the national debt topped at $75,463,476.52.
  • June of 1891 it was only $1,545,996,591.61.
  • September of 1991 it was $3,665,303,351,697.03.
  • The current national debt hovers at $14,564,970,167,709.38. (Source:TreasuryDirect.gov)

That means our national debt ballooned significantly from 1791 to 1991. However, it exploded from 1991 to 2011.

Some argue such an increase is to be expected. After all, the cost of everything has gone up over the course of the past 200 years.

However, the facts show, a shocking reality.

Since 2008, the government has gone on an $11-TRILLLION spending spree. At the same time, the Fed has pumped our nation's monetary base from $850 billion to... are you ready for this... over $2.02 TRILLION!

The result: Declining consumer confidence... a cratering dollar... and a knee-jerk market reaction that jolted the prices of just about everything we need to survive.

The prediction: Based on historical evidence expect the debt to rise, the dollar to fall and consumer purchasing power to continue eroding away. The International Monetary Fund threatened to put the dollar on the chopping block. If we don't get our financial house in order the IMF has plans to replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency.

Not a good omen for America.

Unless you take advantage of this dire situation -- and learn how to generate a bigger immediate cash flow from the markets -- you could end up like millions of Americans who can't afford milk, eggs, bread, gas and other necessities.

The politicians, corporate "Fat Cats" and
financial experts continue to lie and
fleece the American public.

The problem: Everyone from government officials, regulators, CEO's and on down the line has sugar-coated or flat out lied before -- and will keep lying through their teeth -- about the reality of the current situation and any impending economic disasters.


Politicians have a vested interest in convincing constituents things are rosy. If they get us to drink the Kool-Aid, there's a better chance we'll vote them back in office.

Their lies are clear as day. While politicians tell us things are looking up...

  • Towns, cities, counties and state governments around the nation face bankruptcy. Gross mismanagement and corruption have led to massive deficits across the board.
  • Some states cut essential public services to the bone. Police, firefighter, state worker and teacher lay offs are on the rise.
  • Pension funds go unpaid. State income tax hikes are forcing residents in some areas of the country to flee en masse to neighboring states.

It's like a slaughter house out there... and... the powers that be do not want you to know the truth. Because their cushy bureaucratic jobs are on the line.

Corporate "Fat Cats" want you hanging on to every share of stock you own in their company. So they can profit even when your investments tank.

Think about this: When Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Citigroup, Washington Mutual, Countrywide Financial and other "pillars of the economy" came crumbling down... few (very few)... investors knew about the looming disaster.

The executives at these companies -- and the politicians and ratings agencies whose palms they greased in one way or the other -- kept a stiff upper lip until the end...

  • Moody's maintained high ratings on Bear Stearns, Citigroup, Fannie Mae and Washington Mutual until the day those companies failed... or after!
  • S&P maintained high ratings on Bear Stearns, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers and Wachovia among others until the day they collapsed... or after!
  • Fitch maintained high ratings on Bear Stearns, Citigroup, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and Wachovia until the day of their demise!

I smell a rat!

Kind of obvious the ratings agencies are cronies of corporate America. Bought and paid for to make big companies look good. Even as they go belly-up.

Which helps keep the value of company shares from crashing.

Financial experts are -- for the most part -- nothing more than self-serving sales people. When it comes to investing or trading they have no clue.

They profess to know how to help you build a safe investment portfolio. So you can retire with peace of mind. In reality, they are a sounding board for politicians and corporate "Fat Cats."

Analyze any of the 44 recessions our country suffered... or any of the housing slumps... or any of the market crashes and you'll notice a peculiar theme...

  • While unemployment soared... business credit dried up... consumer confidence plunged... personal and business bankruptcies exploded... inflation spiraled out of control... the experts had no answers except to stick it out for the long haul!
  • While housing bubbles burst... waves of mortgage defaults swept the country... home values nosedived... foreclosures skyrocketed... equity evaporated... huge home inventories glutted the market... and... banks and mortgage companies collapsed... the experts said the housing market was stable!
  • And while the stock market crashed and burned... trillions of dollars in market value vaporized... and... the retirement accounts of millions of Americans vanished... the experts kept promoting stocks as a safe investment!

Keep in mind, their job is to SELL investments and securities. Otherwise they can't put food on the table.

The result: Millions of Americans lost jobs, homes and entire life savings. Senior citizens (who thought their nest egg was protected) are going back to work at menial jobs. The "American Dream" feels more like a nightmare. Finding financial security is almost impossible in an economy that can change on a dime.

The prediction: Politicians, corporate "Fat Cats" and so-called financial experts all have agendas not necessarily aligned with your interests. As long as human nature remains intact, expect history to repeat itself. Regardless of who runs Washington, our major corporations or the financial markets one thing is for sure.

Greed is the order of the day! Those in power will try to lead you by the nose so you line their pockets with your hard-earned money.

Unless you get in the know -- and discover how to boost earning power, grow your wealth safely and defend your retirment savings -- you're likely to get caught up in the economic bloodbath certain to ravage the financial security of millions of Americans now and in the future.

The stock market will continue to
spike and dive devastating millions
and making a few financially secure.

The problem: The stock market has never been a safe investment choice for inexperienced "Main Street" investors who don't know how to actively manager their own accounts. Global economic factors will create bigger spikes and even bigger crashes much like before.

During almost every decade -- since the inception of the market -- mini and major crashes have taken place.

Free-falling market conditions were primarily caused by...

  • Wars, fear of war and attacks on the United States! World War I, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, World War II, the Vietnam War and the 9/11 terrorist attacks all led to economic mayhem and market crashes.
  • The bursting of tech bubbles and political unrest were tell-tale signs of a brewing market crisis. The automobile sector, the Dot.com ruin and similar tech flops played a great part in the market crashes of the past 100 years.
  • Political and Wall Street scandals, credit crunches and anti-capitalism government intrusion and a handful of natural disasters also fueled severe market declines!

The result: $14 billion dollars of wealth was lost during the Stock Market Crash of 1929... but... $8 TRILLION dollars went up in flames during the crash of 2000!

The prediction: As the global economy grows more interdependent you can expect more frequent and perhaps worse market collapses than ever before.

Unless you discover how to capitalize on inevitable market instability -- by learning how to find and exploit immediate trading opportunities as they occur -- your investments will probably take a pounding as turbulent market conditions erase your gains.

The solution...

Multiply your money in any
market environment with the
Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Stock
Trading System

I mentioned earlier I'm willing to send you a Free Copy.

That's how important I think Adam Gabriel's system is for anyone who wants to make a fortune whether the stock market sinks or soars. And to make sure this system is right for you, here are a few secrets you'll discover when you get it...

  • How to use the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow system to capture the greatest gains possible (on the long or short side of the trade)... preserve your capital position... and... reduce exposure to market volatility and risk! 
  • Why you must prepare an effective money management plan before you begin trading... and... the steps to doing it! 
  • Two key components of the BTST profit-producing system! 
  • The "central trading strategy" behind BTST proven to identify the right market set-up so you profit from both Bull and Bear markets! (Now you can confidently pinpoint the winning stocks that can make you a bundle fast!) 
  • How to bank up to double-digit daily profits on the long or short side of a trade! 
  • What two questions you must ask and answer to book big safe gains... while... at the same time... minimizing losses to almost nothing! (Fail to consider these "money questions" at your own risk!) 
  • How every trader since the beginning of the stock market makes money whether they know it or not! (No matter what trading technique is used this factor must be in play for a trade to yield profits! Once mastered it's your "golden ticket" to the Big Time!) 
  • Why -- no matter how sophisticated your trading strategies and tools -- you WILL lose money on some trades! Face this reality and get over it... if... you want to succeed! 
  • Three critical steps to active trading (they baffle and confuse traders the most) that will determine how much money you make or lose in the stock market! 
  • A real-world example of why you should never ever depend on the past performance of a stock to make your trading decisions! (Even a "strong" stock... when subjected to severe volatility... can wipe out gains in a New York minute. Here's what to look for!) 
  • The biggest difference between seasoned professionals and typical investors! 

    "I have made over $15,000 in three months"


    "I have been using BTST since the beginning of October 2011, and I have been extremely happy with my results. I have had weeks where I have made as much as 8% in profit.

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    --- Mark from Sherman Oaks, California

What you must do to consistently
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  • The most important question -- you or your money manager -- must answer BEFORE you place a single trade! (DO NOT play the stock market in any way shape or form until you have a solid answer.) 
  • An easy way to LOSE incredible amounts of money in the markets!
  • Adam's safe and sane way to protecting and growing trading capital... and... why his incremental "risk-adjusted returns" approach is perfect in any economic environment! 
  • Why and how technical analysis is a much better way to pick winning stocks than fundamental analysis!
  • The "time frame" the BTST system relies on primarily... and... why Adam avoids looking at multiple time frames when executing a trade! 
  • Why trend trading -- using predictable technical patterns -- puts the probability of picking big gainers on your side! (Here is Adam's secret to total market dominance!)
  • The best strategy for trend trading! (If you want to maximize returns... then... try to use this strategy with the BTST system whenever possible. Your bank account will swell with lots of greenbacks.) 
  • A trading strategy you should avoid... if... you don't want to chew through trading capital at breakneck speed!
  • The one time your trading capital is at the highest risk of LOSS! 
  • How panic-level selling washes out weak investors... and... how to avoid the slaughter! 

"I opened up my account with $11,000 and have built my capital up to $18,900"


"I've been a member of BTST since July. I opened up my account with $11,000 and have built my capital up to $18,900.

Your guidelines on technical analysis on each of your picks are really great in helping me understand... I left my day job in July so I could become a trader, so this is really helping me fulfill my goal of $25,000.

I plan on being a member of your service for a long time, and I can't wait to meet you at the conference in March, 2012."

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But that's not all. Here are some more benefits and secrets revealed in your Free Copy of the Buy Today Sell Tomorrow Stock Trading System...

  • How "Market Makers" offer wonderful trading opportunities -- every single day the market is open -- to traders who know how to take full advantage of daily market fluctuations most people can't even see! 
  • How the government's monetary policy affects the stock market... and... how understanding a few basic economic principles can make you rich! (For example: The recent "Quantative-Easing [QE] Campaign" eroded the value of the dollar... but... boosted the value of stocks. Had you known this you could have made a killing while the masses were running scared out of the market.)  
  • "Primary Dealers": Who they are and how they impact the national and global economy... including... stock prices! (Plus... the "BIG 4" and why they have a direct pipeline to the FED's endless money supply!)
  • How to legally "front-run" the stock market by knowing... in advance... how monetary policy drives market sentiment! 
  • Why and how the BTST system gives you similar leveraged trading advantages just like the leading banking houses on Wall Street! (Finally have the upper hand to anticipate market momentum... and... profit from big moves before most traders know what happened!)
  • Two economic factors that set the value of every asset on the planet! 
  • Why prosperous "Booms" and terrifying "Busts" will continue as long as the debt-based money system is in operation! (And how to ride the cyclical monetary roller coaster to wealth and financial security!)
  • How the widespread conversion of investment dollars -- by "yield-hungry" investors -- causes cyclical Bull Markets! 
  • How higher yields on available cash and asset liquidation turns economic booms into bloody Bear Markets!
  • The driving emotional forces (you must learn to control at all costs) that provoke economic downturns and market meltdowns! (If you get nothing else from Adam's system this is... 

"I've averaged probably around $800 or more per trade"


"I just want to give my very great appreciation to Adam. I have never made this kind of dollars per transaction... in such short periods of time.

I think I have a 95% ratio of winnings. I even kept some of his calls to the next day or a couple of days and most of the time it has worked... I've averaged probably around $800 or more per trade. I usually trade in increments of 500 or 1,000 shares.

I've tried other programs but this one has been the most successful and I will continue to highly recommend BTST. It works. I don't need to know how it works - all you need to do is what Adam says, and it will be there! I appreciate it. Keep up the great work. Thank you very much!"

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  • How to capitalize on irrational panic buying and selling by inexperienced investors! (The biggest money is made when the "Dumb Money" crowd pumps massive amounts of dollars in and out of the market at the wrong time. By knowing a few simple secrets you can position yourself to rake in the dough!)
  • How to tell when... and if... a trend is reversing! 
  • An easy way to tell the difference between a "normal" market correction in an existing trend... and... the first part of a new trend in the opposite direction! (Once you develop this skill [it's easier than you think] you can almost always pick winners in either direction!)
  • An effective indicator that reveals the emotions of other traders looking at a specifc stock! 
  • The most important thing you must know when reading candlestick charts! (Without this information you'll probably lose a lot of money!)
  • Why it's easier and a whole lot more profitable to "go with the flow" of the market... rather than... try to swim upstream! (NOTE: Adam shows you how to find exploitable stocks in sync with the broader market!) 
  • Which price charts to examine first... before... you enter a trade!
  • How to use the "Law of Momentum" to ride perennial trends all the way to the bank! (Clueless traders get burned by not understanding this simple principle.) 
  • Three directions the markets move in... and... which one spells trouble for most traders! (With the BTST system you'll know exactly how to handle a stock caught in this perilous market trend... and turn it into a gain instead of a loss!)
  • How to trade a stock snaking between support and resistance trend lines! 
  • How to trade when the price action breaks through the principal trend line!
  • Simple ways to tell if a stock is in an up trend or a down trend! (Too many traders fail to recognize the difference and end up taking a bath by using the wrong strategy!) 
  • How the saying, "Buy low and sell high" relates to support and resistance levels!
  • Moving Averages: How to use them to pinpoint accurate buy and sell signals! (And the most common way to calculate the moving average of any stock quickly... without... crunching the numbers yourself!) 

"...month over month, I'm averaging 30%"


"I can't say enough about Adam. He has an uncanny ability to pick the winners from the night before. Unbelievably, month over month, I'm averaging 30%. I have enough faith in him I will continue to do the same. Adam, thank you! It's been great!"

--- Scott from Chicago, Illinois

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I'm so excited about it, here are more secrets you'll discover when you read it...

  • When moving averages tend to be unreliable... and... when they are most effective at letting you know how to react to market action! (The wrong call here can spell disaster!) 
  • What the RSI is... and... how it reveals the current and historical strength or weakness of a stock or market!
  • How to use the RSI to chart if a stock is overbought or oversold! (Plus... how reading the RSI properly will prevent you from entering or exiting a trade too soon!) 
  • A technical indicator that predicts price turning points by comparing the closing price of a security to its price range! (Pay careful attention to this particular indicator so you catch profitable trends ready to surge!)
  • What the term "non-confirmation of a trend" means... and... what to do if a stock is caught up in this situation! 
  • The best way to trade when the technical indicators seem to contradict each other! (Making the right decision here... and it happens more often than you'd think... is the difference between cashing in or getting cashed out of a trade!)
  • How to analyze stochastics like an Elite Trader! 
  • How to use MACD lines to find the perfect entry and exit points... so... you can...

"In the 3 week period... I've seen gains of over 18%"


"I've been using Wealthpire for a couple years, and am grateful to Manny for the many programs he has to offer. Recently however, I failed to put stop-losses on a couple of my day-trading stocks, and my account dipped below $25,000. Wanting to day-trade again, I didn't know what to do because I needed at least $25,000 in my account to day-trade.

When Wealthpire introduced BTST, I figured this was just what I needed. I followed Adam Gabriel's picks for a 3 week period, and it's amazing how, in this volatile market he can pick winners. In the 3 week period... I've seen gains of over 18%.

The BTST system is easy to use. Adam selects just one stock, purchases it at 5 minutes before the close for the day... And the next morning when it gaps up, you have your profit

Of course, Adam doesn't have 100% accuracy. But what I've kept track of, Adam has had winners for 4 of every 5 days for the trading period I participated in. I'll continue to use BTST as Adam continues to be overwhelmingly successful for a novice trader like me."

--- Joe from Deltona, Florida

Lock in maximum gains!

  • The unspoken "CYA Rule" -- as in "Cover Your Assets" -- savvy traders follow to avoid major losses! (These eight words can save you a fortune if you stick to them like glue!)
  • How to decide... within 24-hours of the market opening... whether you'll be trading on the long or short side of the market! (Knowing how to focus your trading strategy well before you pick a stock will put the odds in your favor! These are the three market factors to quickly analyze so you have a solid [but flexible] game plan in place!) 
  • How to compile a "watch list" of hot potential plays ripe for the picking! (Be sure to at least check out these five online investing advisory services that will help you identify the best trading stocks!) 
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  • How some traders try to outwit the market... and... why it never works! 
  • How to put your finger on the pulse of the market so you almost always...

"( I ) have profited around $4,000"


"I've been a member of BTST for about 4 months now, and have profited around $4,000. The best pick that I can remember is TVIX, which over the course of a weekend went from $50 to $60 a share. But I just want to thank you for your awesome system, and it really works!"

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Make the right buying
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  • The only thing you should do once you enter a trade! (Forget about the market... the news... and opinions after you've placed a trade. Now there's only one thing left to do... and... if you do it right you'll minimize losses and maximize gains!) 
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  • One category of stocks you must eliminate altogether... if... you want to save time and avoid missing out on the best picks the market offers!
  • Who executes 80% of the trades in the market! (No, it's not who you think... but... this is the stone cold ruthless competition you face daily. So you'd better bring your "A-Game!") 
  • Adam's three-step formula for selecting smoking stocks you can bank on!

Bottom line: You're going to learn how to trade on your own... and... generate a large and growing daily... weekly... and monthly income from the stock market.

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  • How traders get fooled by apparent "fallen angel" stocks! (Want to lose your shirt in the blink of an eye? Then buy one of these stocks without doing your due diligence. Or better yet, follow Adam's system and sleep well at night!)
  • Why it's critical to bag your emotions and trade only according to the facts based on technical indicators! (The few traders who master this skill almost always come out way ahead of the market... while... everyone else gets crushed!)
  • How to scan for shorting opportunities... and... why short-selling stocks is often more profitable (much more!) than going long! (Adam admits this is his favorite trading strategy!)
  • Six critria a stock must meet before you short-sell! (Don't be too fast on the trigger here... because... if any one of these criteria is missing you could get the short end of the stick!)
  • The trading strategy Adam recommends to book solid gains when there's a "buyer's strike" in the market!
  • Adam's second favorite shorting strategy for...

Fast and predictable profits!

  • Why buying stocks during the first hour of trading is the kiss of death for most traders! (Don't do anything in this hyper-volatile time frame... unless... you see this profit pattern emerging!)
  • Two ways to short a stock at its resistance zone!
  • The most difficult decision any trader has to make! (It's so difficult in fact no one gets it right all the time. But you don't have to be 100% accurate. Adam shows you how to be "good enough" and still grab fistfuls of cash!)
  • Why "timing" when to sell a stock is a losing proposition... and... how expert traders exit plays with precision! (Adam gives you his list of "red alerts" that indicate when it's time to cash in the chips!)
  • The exact time frame -- to the minute -- to enter a trade using the BTST system! (And the exact time frame to exit a trade. This is the legal loophole Adam discovered to avoid the pattern day trader classification... and still... produce a daily income as an active trader!)
  • Adam explains why cashing out of your positions the day after you place a trade is the safest way to harness consistent returns in any market environment!
  • Five cornerstone selling strategies of Adam's profit-rich system! (Now you can swing for the fences on every trade... because... these strategies shield your gains... and in some cases... boost profits with a fraction of the usual market exposure!)
  • The ideal plan for active traders who live or die by their results!
  • The worst trading mistake in the world and how to completely avoid it!
  • How to virtually eliminate the emotion of greed from ruining a good trade! (Follow the sage advice in this seven-word motto you may never have to watch gains vanish from a bad move ever again!)
  • Examples of Adam's trades with charts and full explanations... so... you can see the technical analysis, get a full explanation of what Adam did and why... and... get a feel for what winning trades look like!
  • And much, much more...

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